Information about Covers with
'Diamond/Triangular' Bubbles.

These cover styles' dry weights are approximately 46 pounds (20' X 40'). Through testing we have learned that this style of cover retains 30+/- lbs. of water when rolled up at a normal speed.

The retained water weight and the cover weighs 76 lbs. (approx). This is well beyond the maximum design weight of 48 lbs. for the BL-LIGT and the FG-IG20 tube design weight of 60lbs. Covers for larger pools will require a FeherGuard Commercial Reel System to manage the excess weight.

Through our testing we have found that rolling the cover up very slowly allows for better water drainage from the cover reducing the weight borne by the reel system. The total weight, with slow roll-up, should meet our design weight specifications.

Artist's rendering of Diamond Style
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