The chart on the left tells of the benefits of a Solar Cover. It may be a little difficult to read. Just run your cursor over it and it will become more readable. You will also learn just how easy Solar Cover handling is with our Solar Cover Reel Systems!!!
Steps You Can Take To Save Energy, Expense

For a variety of reasons, the single biggest energy conservation move that you can make is to put a cover on the pool or spa.

First, the cover reduces the heating bills by preventing heat loss. The cover can also reduce the amount of dirt and grime that enters the pool, reducing the amount of time it takes to remove them from the water through filtration or vacuuming.

A solar cover goes one step farther, collecting heat from the sun, which lessens that reliance on fossil-fuel burning heaters. In addition, the cover will save on the amount of chemicals and water that need to be added.

Covers can also reduce evaporation, which can waste both water and heat and increase the Total Dissolved Solids levels in the water. Some estimates say that as much as 50 gallons a day can be lost in an uncovered pool from evaporation. That’s more than 18,000 gallons of water wasted each year.